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Cristino and I (Laura) just had a new born baby photo shoot for our boy Luca and we have decided to share this amazing experience with you.

As all parents know, week 1 with a new baby is hard work. Recovering from labor, running on no sleep, mastering the art of feeding and learning to pack all of babies needs into the boot of the car when trying to leave the house.

Anyway, we did it, our baby Luca was a week old and we got to the photography studio, hurray! We did arrive late, but we got there! We entered the warm studio to be greeted with tea, coffee, homemade cookies, a baby changing area, a table full of beautiful freshly cleaned outfits and blankets (so we didn’t actually need to pack anything) plus relaxing music playing in the background. If you think that sounds good, it gets better, 2 amazing women hold and love your baby and prepare him for pictures while you sit, watch and even brush your hair! Yes, for the first time in a couple of weeks I straightened my hair and even went mad with a touch of BB cream.

The photo shoot was very relaxed, we went at babies’ pace, stopping when he wanted to feed and needing to be changed. There was a selection of props and fabrics for us to choose from. The photographer knew just how to get all the best shots but also listened to what we wanted, making it a stress free and smooth experience.

This experience was more than a photo shoot, it was the first moment we stopped and realized what we had created. I hugged my husband, I breathed, I drank a HOT cup of tea, I even shut my eyes, I cried happy tears (unlike the melt down tears the day before) we stopped to take a moment to realize what we had created and counted our blessings. This was the tlc the whole tired family needed, leaving us refreshed and ready to take on week 2 of parenthood!

A huge thank you to the talented Andrea Pearson aka the baby whisperer. Andrea is still fairly new to Marbella and she really is a specialist in what she does. Let’s wish her luck and show her our support with a simple like and a follow on her social media pages...

Thank you very much

Laura x

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